Webinar on Building a Deep Motivational Culture for Teachers

For Foundation Teach for Bulgaria ( // March 14, 2024, 3 -5 p.m.

The webinar focused on the dynamics of activating the intrinsic motivation of teachers and students, as a path to overcoming residue totalitarian psychological structures, manifested in fear of deep partnering and maintaining positions of control. The difference between control and authoritative professional presence was explored, along with the role of deep and substantive culture building critical for building trust and collaboration. The webinar explored the power of deep presence, deep listening, and the state of one’s spirit for the readiness of participants to engage meaningfully.



I was impressed by the non-judgmental listening and ability to see the whole person, which clearly overcomes resistance. I discovered that resistance is not to be feared, that we can hear beyond it, and it is important to be aware of our own motivational dynamic in the moment. The dialogical model opened possibilities.


I was impressed by Dr. Mustakova’s approach to naming – something we often avoid in fear of “imposing” our interpretations. I saw how impactful it can be and I could connect to what others shared and to the feeling behind it. It helped me realize the importance of authentic connection with the other based on authentic way of being with oneself.


The dialogue prompted me to reconsider the culture we create in our training programs and the attention we give to it. I learned some helpful practices of reflecting back and handling challenging situations.

A very meaningful experience which is rare for such short webinars and trainings. I particularly appreciated Dr. Mustakova’s approach to overcoming barriers and keeping the main message at the center.

Science, Wellbeing, and Purpose: Paths to a More Fulfilling Life

The Seminar introduced the integral approach to development in adulthood in the unique conditions of the 21st century. It examined the core dynamics of suffering through clinical cases and the development of critical moral consciousness and motivational processes that support wellbeing. It explored the connections between personal struggles and the state of society; and the nature of conscious living in our socio-historical and cultural context.


  • Particularly enriching was the introduction of the dual helix of lifespan development.
  • The role of soul and spirit throughout the stages of development.
  • Deep motivational understanding of others, and the ability to be fully present.
  • It answered many of my questions regarding my personal quest and development.
  • It opened new horizons to my heart and mind, and gave me a fresh perspective on the world and myself, and more hope.
  • Exceptionally interesting information and understanding relevant to both myself, and Bulgaria, as well as humanity.
  • Exceptionally eye-opening and supportive of consciousness development.
  • A fresh perspective on supporting the growth of others.
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