Unitive Justice and Global Security Thought Leaders Synergy Circle

Emerged amidst the escalation of the war in Ukraine in 2022, out of consultations of the SDG Thought Leaders Circle. A group of colleagues in the United States came together to acknowledge that the mounting tragedy of the war in Ukraine was exacerbating what the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists warned in January 2023, namely, that humanity stands at 90 seconds before the midnight of unprecedented global catastrophe.

The movement for planetary unitive justice aims to mobilize communities, societies, and the planetary community in our fragile global environment to move beyond the language of polarization and geopolitics-as-usual which continues to escalate our false sense of separateness and feeds growing hostilities; and to adopt processes that reflect our interdependence and the scientifically proven unified nature of reality. We recognize that with collapsing biodiversity amidst mounting hostilities, peace is a vacuous concept, until we start addressing the drivers of destruction.

One of them is a binary definition of justice, in which cultural misperceptions and vested interests support an us vs. them worldview. We are committed to an educational campaign that helps raise our collective moral code to a unitive understanding of justice – one that embraces and protects our radical diversity and finds unitive solutions. We work with like-minded organizations worldwide to accelerate the shift towards ethical, transparent, and just global governance based on unitive processes.

Read the full Declaration for Unitive Justice here.

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