The Foundation for Virtues and Social Health

Focuses on public education around questions of justice in a planetary society, moral character, global governance, and unitive processes that can resolve social divisions and move us toward a safer and peaceful planet. It emphasizes practical approaches, based on meaningful communication, spiritual values, and a reasonable aspiration toward justice – approaches that develop character and a sense of responsibility, offers a concrete vision, and develop skills for citizenship in an interdependent world. The Foundation continues the work of an earlier Foundation, Love That Child, established in Bulgaria by Terry Madison over 15 years ago and devoted to inspiring the next generations to develop their virtues and to participate in positive social transformation. Love That Child was the first to begin to offer volunteer virtues classes in a few schools in Sofia in an effort to raise the moral character of Bulgarian society. Its work inspired other foundations which arose to do virtues education. Dr. Elena Mustakova, who was at the time still living and working in the United States, assisted Terry Madison in these efforts, and after Terry Madison’s passing in 2019, decided to carry forward that work with a more expansive vision through The Foundation for Virtues and Social Health.

Dr. Mustakova had always intended to return to Bulgaria in the later part of her professional life and to bring back into her native land the expertise gained in her second homeland, The United States. Her vision has been to bridge the best in international consciousness evolution work with competencies and skills developed in Bulgaria for the benefit of Bulgarian society, which she began doing first through The Foundation for Virtues and Social Health.

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