Where Olive Trees Weep:

A Perspective on Summit of the Future In the multiplicity of voices shouting at and over each other about the injustices of the continuous tragedy unfolding in Palestine, a clear or viable path forward has yet to emerge. Perhaps that has to do with our pervasive 21st century shortsightedness that reacts to the symptoms, and may […]

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What is Maturity in a Global Age?

A Double Rainbow? Every day the news is filled with staggering accounts of the unsustainability of our current national and global systems, yet we continue to try to live within them as though expecting some miracle to make things change for the better without having to do the hard work of foundational change of mindsets. But

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Danger and Opportunity: A Time to Start Moving Toward Unitive Justice

Unitive justice is the next stage in our collective evolution — a bridge over troubled waters. Today, on the anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of sovereign Ukraine, as 141 countries in the U.N. General Assembly voted to demand withdrawal of Russian troops and an end to the fighting, and amidst massive compassion for the courage and stamina of

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Deep Rivers Running

You may be getting tired of hearing that we find ourselves at a critical point in history. And you may wonder what all the disasters and major events of the past 5 years have in common. In 2008, the world experienced a financial crisis. Then, a ruthless war in Syria sent millions of refugees to seek

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The Painful Price of Unity

All of us want peaceful, productive, and meaningful lives. And most of us have a difficult time understanding why that’s becoming more and more elusive. The trouble with us humans is that we have so much mental inertia that the very last thing that occurs to us is that our own mindsets may have something to

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